Leather Lotion - 125ml


Good and effective shoe and leather care starts with revitalizing the leather through cleaning. This is a step that is often overlooked and perceived as superfluous, but absolutely necessary.

Wren’s Cleaning Products are specially formulated to clean and in tandem, nourish the leather instantly for a more intricate procedure. This process is done by diminishing the accumulated grime, dirt and residual polishes and allowing the leather to breath with vitality.

Note: Not suitable for all Gaius Walks' Nappa leather series. Some discolouring and running of the colours are perfectly normal. 

Colour(s) available

Neutral - suitable for all Gaius Walks' leather colours 


Cleaning & nourishment lotion for smooth, reptile, patent, metallic, pearly leather & animal horns.


  • Clean - ⭑⭑⭑
  • Restore - ⭑✩✩
  • Sheen - ⭑✩✩
  • All Tex compatible  

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