Leather Cream - 50ml


Often, we tend to neglect our leather products and only realized the damage too late. In certain cases, the damage maybe irreparable. But in most cases, all the
leather need is a dose of leather cream or revitalizer liquid to refresh the slightly malnourished leather.

Wren’s Care and Nourishment Products are the perfect easy DIY solutions for such situations. Offering a wide range of colours and products for different types of leathers, Wren's Leather Cream will give your leathers a fresh breath of vivid colours.

Note: Not suitable for all Gaius Walks' Nappa leather series

Colour(s) available

  • Neutral - suitable for all Gaius Walks' leather colours 
  • Black - suitable for all Gaius Walks' Ebony leather
  • Dark Brown - suitable for all Gaius Walks' Espresso leather
  • Grey Lava - suitable for all Gaius Walks' Slate leather
  • Midnight - suitable for all Gaius Walks' Sapphire leather
  • Navy - suitable for all Gaius Walks' Indigo leather
  • Bordeaux - suitable for all Gaius Walks' Sangria leather
  • Whisky - suitable for all Gaius Walks' Pecan leather
  • Walnut - suitable for all Gaius Walks' Rust leather


Nourishment and polish cream for smooth and grained leather.


  • Clean - ⭑✩✩
  • Restore - ⭑⭑✩
  • Sheen - ⭑⭑⭑
  • All Tex compatible  

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