Discontented with off-the-shelf dress shoes that tend to be old-fashioned, expensive and inferior, we devoted years to perfecting a range of men’s dress shoes paying attention to aesthetics, comfort, quality and price.

The Latin word Gaius means, ‘to rejoice’, and in that vein, GAIUS WALKS was born, to craft stylish and luxurious shoes.

The Team

Headed by Lana and Megan, the founders started this business with the strong belief that every man deserves the style they want at prices they can afford. Gaius Walks' mission is to dress Singaporean men better and make stylish handcrafted shoes accessible to every gentleman.

At GAIUS WALKS, expect more while paying less.

Cement construction used for the soles keeps prices down while ensuring its durability. An added benefit: this technique is most ideal for Singapore’s tropical climate as it is also waterproof and resilient.



Gaius Walks' direct to consumer business model means that we completely remove the middleman and ensures that most of what you pay for goes into the material and craftsmanship of the shoe.

The result is premium luxury leather shoes at affordable prices for you.


Each stage of production involves various techniques, which not only requires vigorous labor but also passion and patience. The crafting process takes up to 50 hours, from start to finish.

Leathers are carefully handpicked to ensure highest quality. Each pair painstakingly hand burnished for the enviable patina meaning no two shoes are identical.

Natural patterns of darkened and lightened leather bring these shoes' unusual range of colors to life. Think hues of charcoal grey, auburn and royal blue – uncommon color options for men’s dress shoes.

We got you covered, whether it’s classic cap toes for everyday work, whole cut oxfords for a black tie event, wingtip brogues for that special night out, or Belgian loafers for a Sunday brunch.