Understanding the Misunderstood: Suede Leather

It is important to know that getting your suede shoes wet does not mean that they are inherently doomed, as many would assume. You would just as easily ruin a pair of regular leather shoes as you would a pair of suede shoes with poor maintenance. That is why it is always advisable to get the appropriate products for maintenance when you purchase any type of leather shoes.

Lucky for you, your suede shoes can look fresh again with these simple steps.

Step One: Allow your suede shoes to dry 

If your shoes are completely soaked, perhaps from walking in the rain, the best thing you can do is take a dry cloth or a microfiber towel and start blotting the suede. The aim is to soak up as much water as quickly as possible until the leather is evenly wet.
If you happen to spill or get a rain spot on your suede shoes, apply light pressure to absorb as much moisture as you can. Hold it there until it dries completely to avoid getting water stain.

Note: Do not wipe or rub your suede vigorously. The soft and delicate tiny hairs of suede will tense up and become brittle when it gets wet, making them easy to rip off.

Step Two: Brush your suede

Once your shoes are totally dry, start brushing it with our suede cleaning brush. Brushing your shoes not only helps to remove the dirt accumulated in the tiny hairs but will aid in lifting the nap of the dampened suede back to its original fluffiness. The softer side with rubber bristles is used for everyday cleaning and a combination of nylon and steel bristles on the other side for getting rid of encrusted dirt and stubborn stains.

Step Three: Protect your suede shoes

Care for your suede shoes by using the Wren’s Total Protector after every cleaning session. This helps in repelling both water and dirt.

Here is how you apply the spray to your suede shoes:

  1. Hold the canister at least 20cm away from the leather surface. Spray the entire suede upper evenly. Works best if you go light and quickly, make sure you do not over-saturate. (Some slight darkening overall is natural) – Do it in a well-ventilated area. 
  2. Allow it to dry for 15mins.
  3. Repeat steps 3 & 4 twice. (Spray 3 coats for most effective results, allowing ample time for it to dry in between each coat)
  4. After spraying the final coat, air-dry for at least 24 hours.
  5. Put on your suede shoes and look fantastic.
Now, how often should you waterproof your shoes? We recommend doing this at least once a month.
(Unless you only wear them occasionally, then we recommend spraying them after each wear)

Storage Tips: Always store your suede in a dry, cool & well-ventilated place that doesn’t receive sunlight. The fibres in the suede need breathing room.