The Ultimate Guide on Styling with Leather Shoes

How to dress up (or down) for the right occasion.

The 3 basic factors ranking your dress shoe’s formality are:

Factor #1:  Shoelaces

There’s a case to be made that shoes cannot really be considered classically formal if they lack shoelaces or any form of fastening. Slip-ons are designed for style, convenience and comfort because they are easy to wear and take off. However, bear in mind that you can never look too “dressed down” with leather dress loafers. The Paterson Penny Loafers and Roque Tassel Loafers are certainly among the most stylish. The rust coloured leather is extremely versatile, best paired with jeans or chinos for a casual look, or don them with a summery light cream or khaki colour suit for a slightly dressier daytime beach wedding.

Factor #2: Amount of details

The amount of details can tell you the formality of pair of dress shoes. Generally speaking, formal shoes are often simple, single texture in a solid colour. The general rule of formal wear is less being more. That’s why the Andres Wholecut Oxfords, Romeo Cap Toe and Luca Cap Toe are best matched with tuxedos and evening wear.
On the other hand, shoes with brogues or an ornate design element, like the Rafael Wingtips, Elliot Wingtips and Matteo Semi-brogues, tend to look best with social clothing. For example, slacks and lounge jacket or even dark washed denim and a polo t-shirt!

Factor #3: Colour

Ebony (black) is hands down the colour that outranks the rest on the formality scale. There is a seriousness about black dress shoes that other colours do not possess. It brings out class and sophistication to your wardrobe. The runner- ups are Espresso (dark brown) and Sangria (wine red). The colour gets lighter as it goes down the formality scale.

With all factors in mind, you may refer to our ranking chart and choose the right pair of shoes for your next event!